Sand filters and pumping station for drip irrigation with liquid fertilizer tanks, chlorine applicator and automatic backwash.Coffee is a versatile, drought Drip irrigation installation with plastic ground cover for moisture preservation and weed control on Molokai , Hawaii.resistant crop, traditionally grown in higher elevations and relying on natural rainfall. It needs about 80 inches of water year and can grow in shade or full sunlight. With more light, plants metabolize faster and produce more crop, but they also require more inputs such as water, fertilizer and weed control.

Weather station linked to irrigation controls in Australia.As coffee cultivation has IMG_1126moved from higher elevations with more moisture to drier, flatter regions irrigation becomes necessary. It is a crop insurer, providing water on a timely basis and guaranteeing harvest despite conditions.

Fertigation is another possibility, allowing for consistent application in small doses. Technology – moisture and pumping sensors linked to weather stations, GPS mapping and drone photography – means growers can monitor conditions remotely to manage and conserve water.