Dan has consulted for coffee growers around the world, analyzing their operations and offering advice on how to improve products and sales. Here are  examples of reports he has prepared for past clients.

A 1998 address to the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

A 2008 paper presentation in Bangalore, India at the Coffee Conference and Golden Jubilee, hosted by the United Planters Association of Southern India and Karnataka Planters Association, UPASI-KPA.

A 2004 report on a site visit to Papua New Guinea to aid farmers in production and cupping techniques; commissioned by the Coffee Quality Institute and ACI/VOCA for Agoga Plantation Ltd, a co-operative of 800 coffee farming families.

A 2008 report on a site visit, one of three, to the Paksong Highland in Laos to train farmers in agronomy and field technology, coffee physiology, cupping, etc; commissioned by the Paksong Highland Company Ltd.

A 2005 report following cultivation, post-harvest, processing and cupping techniques workshop in Paraiso, Mexico; commissioned by ACDI/Voca and the Quality Coffee Institute for Red de Agricultores Sustentables Autogestionarios.

A 2004 report on local coffee growing, processing and possible improvements, offering cupping as a means of evaluating the potential for specialty production with the aim for higher pricing; commissioned by the Specialty Coffee Association of the Philippines.

A 2009 report evaluating coffee growing in Ranquitte, Haiti; commissioned by Christian Flights International & Eco Café Haiti.

A 2009 report on harvesting, processing and cupping of growers in Ranquitte, Haiti; commissioned by Christian Flights International and EcoCafe Haiti.

A 2003 production and market analysis for Australian coffee growing operation Swiss Farms.

A 2003 operation evaluation of Mountain Top farm in Australia.

A 2007 report on growing and processing options on the Queen Liliuokalani Trust Lands in Kona, Hawaii.

A 2004 report on mechanized stock plant production in Hilo, Hawaii; commissioned by Hawaii Export Foliage Inc and High Technology Development Corporation.

A 2006 report advising on the construction of a new processing facility at Kona Coffee in Hawaii.

A 2007 report for the Co-operative Procafe in Monsteiros, Cape Verde; commissioned by ACDI-VOCA &US-AID.

A report for Winrock International and Coffee Quality Institute.

A 2016 report for ACDI/VOCCA and the Coffee Quality Institute to improve Arabica production in Mindandao.

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