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The competitive coffee market means producers must strive for efficiency in each aspect of their business. Whether you are looking to integrate mechanization in the field to increase quality and reduce costs or develop a strong brand identity that speaks to customers, Dan can help. He offers expertise in mechanization, irrigation, agronomy, processing and marketing.

Agronomy: The foundation of a quality harvest is the proper agronomic input. Agronomy factors including nursery practices, field layout, planting, windbreaks, nutrition, pruning, disease and insect control, grafting and breeding. Should you induce or suppress flowering? Should you go organic? These are decisions Dan can help with.

Mechanization: Mechanization in coffee production is a relatively new concept, but can be critical to successful — and efficient — production. For instance, selective mechanical picking allows for optimal ripe fruit removal and immediate processing, ensuring quality while reducing costs. The challenge is to combine mechanization with the traditional methods that have endured for centuries. Your systems must be designed to fit your geography, field layout, windbreaks, terracing, irrigation, etc. Dan can help you navigate these challenges, integrating mechanization to yield maximum return.

Irrigation: Coffee is traditionally grown at higher elevations, relaying on natural rainfall. But as growing has moved to drier climates and flatter land, irrigation has become a necessary component to coffee production, insuring a harvest despite drought conditions. Again, deciding on the proper irrigation system is no easy task. Overhead or drip? Do you need to incorporate fertigation? Dan’s expertise in irrigation system design can help insure a successful crop.

Processing: Processing can make or break a harvest, and choosing the right method of processing is no easy decision. Wet or dry? Semi-dry or fermented? Sun dried or mechanically dried? Dan can answer these question, maintaining the inherent quality of your coffee.

Marketing: After all you’ve put into your coffee, savvy marketing is the key to sales, and in a competitive market, brand identity makes all the difference. No matter the size of your operation, Dan can design a marketing strategy that speaks to customers and tells your coffee’s story.