Qualifications: Professional experience in developing and overseeing various coffee and agricultural ventures around the world. Multi-lingual, raised in Switzerland and educated in Europe and the United States. 

Work History:

2012-2015: Development consultant, Paksong Highland Co. Ltd. Laos, PDR

2010-2012: Managing member,

2008-2010: Managing Partner, Koko Crater Coffee Roaster

 2002-present: Managing Member, International Agro Consulting, LLC

2003-2007: General Manager, Friendly Isle Coffee Company, LLC

1998-2002: President and Chief Operating Officer, Coffees of Hawaii, Inc

1989-1998: Consultant and Vice President, Coffees of Hawaii, Inc

1978-1989: General Manager, Hawaii Tropical Plants

1971-1980: Consultant and President, Agriculture International, Inc

Participated in:     


1966: Student, USDA Study Program; Southern United States and California

1963: Agriculture Exchange Worker; Kibutz Gevoulot, Israel

1959-1960: Agriculture Apprentice, Ferme de Promenthoux; Nion, Switzerland



Licenses and Certificates: