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6c299be5-5696-4070-9d34-65c8f937cd66Whether you are starting a new 85c184f3-0dcb-4103-ab49-114760976d0eplantation, stepping into an existing operation or looking to expand, chances are you have questions. Dan Kuhn can help.

A successful coffee business is 192 (1)4harvstors rainbow Abuilt on more than great tasting coffee. With extensive experience in agriculture, Dan’s passion for growing goes beyond plants. He 3b9a048d-54da-4a87-9504-869ef5cb9ac1brings a global perspective to projects large and small – having spent time in fields from Cape Verde to Australia and many coffee-growing region in between – and practical solutions from irrigation and mechanization to processing and marketing.

Read about his recent work on a coffee orchard in Laos, a two-year case study on the benefits of mechanization. For the full report, contact dankuhncoffee.com.